DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATION “ISKAM DA ZNAM / WANT TO KNOW /” was founded in February 2004 year. The first activities started in June 2004, when the Association arranged a day seminar about European Programmers and Funds. The seminar have arranged in cooperation with the non-governmental organization – “Business centre – Business incubator” in Shumen.

The action of NGO: “DEMOCRATIC ASSOCIATION ISKAM DA ZNAM / WANT TO KNOW /” is directed to the implementation of objectives laid down in its statute.

In its 5 years story of existing, the ASSOCIATION was a partner to the Union of a few non – governmental organizations, which cooperated in its efforts to support the civil application of Peter – Emil Mitev to be chosen as a defender of citizens’ /ombudsman/ in front of the National Government. By its partner’s position the ASSOCIATION signed the declaration, which was sanded to the Chairman of the National Government of Bulgaria, Mr. Ognyan Gerdjikov and in this way the organization supported the choice.

The main activities of organization are addressed to observation of local institutions and providing transparency through anticorruption practices attachment and developing strong civil control. Some of the objectives of the association are:

·        Encouraging civil / governmental partnership especially in the process of countering corruption at local and regional level;

·        Establishing a new practices of monitoring on local administration and public institutions / especially the court /, provided by the young people in the region;

·        Encouraging the young people’s contribution to the local governmental measures in fighting corruption ;

·        Creation of Regional Strategy against corruption at local level with a great civil support and contribution;

The other field of activities is increasing the technical and educational level of the NGO’s members as well as providing a technical support to the management bodies of the younger non-governmental organizations.

Organization creates and implements projects financed by European programmers and funds.